Corporate Wellness Days

Facefit can provide your company or organisation with a fun and unusual corporate wellbeing day. All kinds of activities can enhance and promote workplace wellbeing and Facefit can provide your employees with a fun and relaxing event.

When a company or organisation invests in workplace wellbeing initiatives it can enhance and promote solid supportive relationships between colleagues, increase retention, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and performance.

Your employees can expect to participate in:

Facial Fitness



Facial Fitness exercises will help to:

Learn to exercise the face in a structured way

Retrain the muscles of the face to become firmer and stronger

Relieve tension and tiredness from the face


Gentle Pilate’s movements will assist in:

Stretching the whole body

Relieving tension and strain from the muscles and tissues of the body

Gentle guided relaxation will help:

Restore calmness and quiet to the mind

Bring relaxation to the whole body

Renew and refresh body and mind

A three-hour Corporate Wellness Event includes:

30 minutes of general introduction and a short talk on the physiology of stress and why it is so important to deal with it.

60 minutes of Pilates

60 minutes of Facial Fitness Exercises

30 minutes of Guided Relaxation

All equipment is provided including exercise mats, mirrors, pillows and cushions.

Each participant will receive a CD of a guided relaxation.

A hand-out of facial exercised learned on the day is provided to each participant.

The cost per event is €500 and maximum number of employees in attendance is 10.