Do You Want A More Radiant & Youthful Look?

Have you ever thought of botox, fillers, surgery or other extreme or potentially risky measures?

Are you seeking an alternative?

Would you prefer a method that is effective, natural and safe?

Did you know that Facial Fitness techniques can be the answer?

We provide professional Individual and Group Instruction, and also offer Teacher Training. are the only licensed practitioners and teachers of the world-renowned Eva Fraser method of Facial Fitness, in Ireland.

The Eva Fraser Facial Fitness System:

The Eva Fraser method is a proven programme of facial exercises that helps to reverse the signs of ageing in a revolutionary way.

Facial Fitness is as important as body fitness and yet the face, the part of us most seen, is possibly the most neglected in terms of exercise.

Make-up and creams may be wonderful and even essential additions for the skin, however the underlying muscles also need attention. Without firm facial muscles it will always be an endless uphill battle to look good.

Facial muscles differ from those of the body as they are attached directly to the underlying skin. Consequently, when facial muscles begin to sag, then the skin sags too.

Movements made when smiling, talking and eating are not enough to exercise the facial muscles. Keeping them in shape is absolutely crucial.

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